Essence of Web Presence Training 2019

With the awakening of the Nigerian public to the immense power of the internet, more and more people are becoming aware of also its benefits most especially in the current state of the Nigerian Economy.  Rising costs of doing business within a physical location and the ridiculous overheads small businesses have to deal with in order to stay open, has become one of the  major deterrents to the growth of entrepreneurship. Enter the almighty World Wide Web.

Although lots of people are aware that having a web presence for their business or passion and as a means of being able to put out their expression, but not so many people unfortunately know and understand  the very first thing to do in order to have their content online. Even in situations where they do, the high charging and exploitative rates of freelance developers ends up discouraging the drive.

Web Indices, in collaboration with a group of Digital Marketing Professionals have recently announced an upcoming training for fresh out the school yard graduates, young entrepreneurs and youth corp members to enlighten and further educate them on simple, cheap and easy means of gaining and maintaining web presence for whatever passion or business they desire.


The training, according to information gathered from the Public Relations and Marketing Officer of Web Indices, Ms. Onyinye Obianagha, would consist of 2 parts. The first would deal with understanding the  Essence of Web Presence, delving into social media management alongside a website and how a domain name determines visibility on the web, while the second part deals with online payment processes, methods of receiving online payments via your website, website security, simple website builders and much more. According to Ms. Onyinye, the session would include hands on practicals as participants would be broken up into groups to see practical demonstrations of how to secure a domain, how to design a simple website using affordable Do-It-Yourself tools, integrating your social media platform, receiving money with your website, and much more. Certificate of Participation would be issued.

Now the icing on the cake is, for all currently serving youth corp members, this training is absolutely FREE. However, registration is limited for only a short period. Registration for this training closes on the 30th of April 2019

For more information and registration, you can check out the training link HERE

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