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Building a New Website – Simple Design Guide

he most important thing for any kind of  website is to be structured in such a way that allows its visitors to get the information they have been searching for, ASAP. 

The most important thing for any kind of  website is to be structured in such a way that allows its visitors to get the information they have been searching for, ASAP.  Website layouts and unique elegant designs have always been important. However, in a very, very competitive business environment in each and every niche of the e-commerce and the dot-com economy, what really makes a difference is the content.


“Whatever we do with our web pages, the main objective is to deliver the content to the website visitors fast and to make it easy for them to use it.”


For a website revamp or  starting a new web-based project,it is best advised to consider a plain, simple web presentation and to avoid any advanced, flashy multimedia design patterns, which would make it harder for the users to focus on the content.

As each and every aspect of the website structure is important, it is a very good idea to start with a sketch of the web pages, usually called a storyboard  and to present it to those who work on the graphical interface.


Another important key point is to create a procedure and to ask the graphic designer(s ) and the web developer(s), who work on the background, to start following it from the beginning. The project might be a small business, few page site or a complex website with a lot of functionality. Whatever it is the process must be well-organized.

“Create a simple procedure that describes the communication process and outlines what is expected from those who work on the project.”


The web development team must know from day one that they are expected to communicate to each other in a certain way and to pass along whatever is necessary to anyone involved in the project, at any stage. There are various communication tools. It would be any simple self-hosted app or something like or a The more one in control of the project knows about the website design and development process the better result one would expect.

Web design and prototyping tools are becoming more mature and this improves the workflow. Graphic designers and web developers exchange less static files and start working with project management platform that offer dynamic visualization, which allows exploring and testing the website functionality, in any development stage.


“Just grab a pen and sketch the home page and internal web pages where website visitors are supposed to land.”


Most importantly is the need to make sure that your new website design is in line with the latest web design trends, ensure to pay attention to the latest examples of graphic design copies and to the artwork of those who set and develop standards for the web.


Finally, you do not even need to discuss a mobile version as an element of any contemporary website. It is considered as “a must”.

“Websites layout should evoke enduring images, brighter colors that enrich another color by contrast.”


If you needs specific, step by step advice, search the web to find out what different web designers and developers say about new threads in website development. Good Luck with your Web endeavors.





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