Welcome Rant

Are you embarrassingly clueless as to some of the IT jargons you have to endure listening to anytime your web guy or social media “GURU”has to debrief you on progress made? Want to gain & maintain an online presence without having to depend so heavily on your “LoRD and Master -pick up the PhONe only WhEn i FeEl like it”  web guy?


Welcome future Webtizen (Citizen of the world wide web) to WIblogonomics (The silly name we decided to dub this blog platform).  The platform which shall discuss everything and anything about web presence in the 21st century.


You are viewing the WIblogonomics site in it’s infancy. Soon there will be plenty to read. From web presence & business insights, to design tips, security tutorials, commentary, and more. You will learn something from reading this. But give us some time to get it started!


WIblogonomics, a Web Presence blog is dedicated to helping you do better at learning about the world wide web, how best to utilize it,  to grow and expose your business, in fact ensuring you have the A to Z of what it takes to be a  successful Webtizen

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