Web Indices goes Rehab Mode

Not an Amy WineHouse (God rest her soul)type of rehab, but close.Within the coming weeks and months, you would be noticing revamps on numerous items and processes on the Web Indices platform. Do not despair, we intend to get Better


Customer Support Booster(New Customer Support  Team) Online website chat platform in real time, post, tweet and follow Web Indices on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for instant response to your inquiry and issues, Updated Knowledge Base for various FAQ’s , Addition of support lines and operators to handle your requests swiftly, support tickets and logging of pending or unresolved issues, compensations on customer support errors and a dedicated line and email to express your displeasure at poor customer support services.(+234 90804-182-22, email )


New Location : 

Web Indices is now at

Plot 590F Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse II (Beside 4U Supermarket) Abuja


Additional Support Lines :

We have added more lines to aid our support services : +234 80911-996-00, +234 90804-182-22, +234 90841-073-33,  +234 90856-304-44 +234 90847-605-55

Coming Soon: Affiliate & Reseller Packages  By third quarter of 2019, Web Indices would be introducing its Affiliate and Reseller packages. What exactly are these packages?



The affiliate package is designed and tailored towards Web Indices loyal customers, who are looking to earn significant sums of money just from referrals. Commissions on these referrals could stagger between 10% to about 35% of total product and or services referred. A unique web address is assigned to Web Indices affiliates to share with their referrals. Once an order is placed by an Affiliate’s referral, a percentage of the total order cost is automatically credited to the registered Affiliate . Credited funds can either be lodged on Affiliate’s account with Web Indices for future personal orders or cashed out and credited into Affiliate’s Bank account at the end of each month.



A Web Indices Reseller, just as the word indicates, re-sells all of Web Indices products and services at a wholesale cost.

The reseller hosting is one type of hosting service through which you will easily start your own web hosting business. The reseller would sell purchased products and services from Web Indices to their customers at a standard or higher price, possibly for earning profit. The best part of this form of hosting is you do not need to set up the infrastructure or a customer support line. The Web Indices API would take care of all of that.

You can earn money by selling the hosting services at a price hike of 10% or 20 %. However, do not sell services at too high a price as you would not be able to retain your customers for long.


Additions to Product & Services Line

Be on the look out for these products & services addition at unbelievably low prices : Do-It-Yourself Website Package (comes with hosting), Web Security Tools (SSL, SiteLock, Code guard) Business & Enterprise emails, Single domain name with 2 professional email addresses(International domains only (No hosting Required) Free SSL on Economy Lite & Economy shared hosting Packages,All-in-One E-commerce  packages (Contains hosting for 1year), Store front and Back end, Checkout Cart, Enabled online payment gateway, 1st Line Search Engine Optimization(Basic) and lost more. Generic Top Level Domains – gTLD(.shop, .online, .football, .traffic, etc), Virtual Private Servers (adequate for web applications and extensive storage needs)

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